ICONICS — a US-based corporation, founded in 1986, is a world leader in the development of software for process control systems and automated enterprise management system that helps visualizing and analyzing of real-time information and making it mobile for any applications and using any devices.

ICONICS products are used by 70% of world's largest companies of the Fortune 500 rating and allow improving
the energy saving, profitability, responsiveness, efficiency and competitive performance of the customers.

ICONICS products are used in the oil & gas industry, in building automation, housing and utilities sector, transportation and many other industries.

ICONICS key products: SCADA software suit GENESIS64 — 64-bit software of the new generation for industrial visualization systems; Hyper Historian — high-speed server, designed to archive large amounts of data with a performance of more than 150 thousand tags per second; AnalytiX — a package of products that analyze large amounts of data in real time; as well as the MobileHMI application, designed for mobile and tablet devices, makes it possible
for you to monitor data and equipment from any part of the world.

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