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ABPMP Russia ( is a chapter of the International Association of Business Process Management Professionals. We provide individuals and organizations in Russia with the "BPM Common Body of Knowledge" (CBOK 3.0), "Process Management Specialist" professional standard, BPM education and certification based on local and international standards.

NP "Association of Professional Accountants Commonwealth" (NP ABS) integrates to the conditions of membership organizations and specialists of scientific and practical areas specializing in accounting, IFRS, tax, finance, financial control, etc.

NP «Association of Professional Accountants Sodruzhestvo" (NP ABS) integrates to the conditions of membership organizations and experts of scientific and practical sphere, specializing in accounting, IFRS, tax, finance, financial control, etc.

NP ABS operates on the principles of self-regulation. NP ABS started its activities since 1989 while working as MOO AB&AS. By the way, our historical information

Members NP ABS – are the organizations – industry leaders and experts with extensive experience, carriers of invaluable knowledge in the field of accounting, IFRS, law, valuation and consulting.

Members NP ABS have high quality standards, provide professional services based on the designed NP ABS standards and implement effective business – solutions for enterprises.

About association. Association of strategic outsourcing "ASTRA" – unique non-profit professional
association of market participants outsourcing and SSC in Russia.

Our Mission.
Promotion of the establishment and dynamic development of the civilized market
of strategic outsourcing in Russia by means of legal and information fields of outsourcing, as well as the establishment of effective interaction between all the professional market: suppliers and consumers of services, regulator, the Russian and foreign public and industrial associations.

Our Aims
. Promote the development and improving business efficiency partnership participants "ASTRA".
Combining the efforts and capabilities of leading market participants for the development
of outsourcing in Russia. Reducing distrust and risks of customer service outsourcing.

Our Tasks. Promotion of best international and local experience, ideas and technology outsourcing among Russian enterprises and organizations . Coordination of efforts in establishing mutually beneficial and effective dialogue between different groups of market participants outsourcing. Developing and adaptation of existing methodologies
and standards in the field of outsourcing. Preparation of initiatives to change legislation and normative acts. Formation of system security risks and rules of professional activity, mechanisms to ensure accountability in realization
of outsourcing projects Training and certification of qualified professionals outsourcing.

Internet of things association (IOTAS) is Russian non commercial, non governmental organization
created in December 2016.

Our mission is to increase the life quality of citizens by introduction of IoT technology in private, business, governmental, educational and municipal levels.

Association carries the membership for all interested parties, who share our values.

IOTAS has a horizontal structure built on the basement of multiple connections between interested parties.
We are not focused on any particular vertical technology, but rather trying to connect members, startups, state institutions, regulators, educational entities, industrial standards via our open expert platform.

Russian Association of Industrial Internet (RAII) was founded in 2015 to provide an effective dialogue between the largest participants of the market, as well as to work on creation and improvement of standardization and regulation for Industrial Internet. Key task of RAII is development of Industrial Internet market as the economic backbone for industrial and social infrastructure of Russia. At the moment RAII members are as follows: «Rosteleсom», «Kaspersky Laboratory», «Peter-Service», «Ostec-Engineering», «ST-Invest», «Schneider Electric», «Russian Space Systems».
The following companies are in the procedure of joining RAII: «Rosseti», «Megafon», «Signum». RAII international partners are China Institute of Electronics (CIE) and Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

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Тел.: +7 (495) 933-54-83